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Check out how we’re empowering universities with holistic applicant data and how we’re paving the way for actionable data management in collegiate admissions.

Pioneering actionable analytics for collegiate admissions with AI.

Our aim is to create a user friendly, enjoyable experience for students that provides tools and real world data to help them make informed choices when applying for universities.

Dosii is an advanced, next-generation academic platform with an AI powered software-as-a-service offering. Dosii is an AI solution to connect the right students with the right universities, while providing an unparalleled user experience for students entering the admissions cycle. Dosii’s platform provides critical university data to assist students navigating the recruitment and admissions process.

Dosii is paving the way for actionable data management in collegiate admissions. Our algorithms harness quantitative and qualitative insights from unstructured admissions data to drive efficiency, analysis, responsiveness, and diversity outcomes in the admissions function.

What is Dosii?

Our Goal

The problem

Unstructured recruiting data is fragmented and held with marketing companies, leaving university leaders in the dark without real-time market and recruiting analytics.

Vendor &

University Data

Vendor &

University Data





The solution? Dosii.

For universities, we pave the way for actionable analytics and data management in your admissions process. We revolutionize the ways in which you can leverage data to achieve admissions goals, while also driving diversity, equity, and inclusion in the admissions function. We are the best solution for universities to collect and analyze metadata at scale to better effectively engage and convert target applicants.

At scale, Universities can immediately action their preference of flexible insights.

Empowering Admissions Officers

Dosii is a tool that helps automate the admissions officer's process of receiving potential student inquiries. Students can click on a connection to request assistance from an Admissions Officer, and an automatic email will be sent to the Admissions Officer to submit inquiry data. Dosii also allows you to customize your outreach to these applicants, making the process more personal and effective.

How does the Dosii AI work?

Through our website traffic we can ingest an infinite amount of quantitative and qualitative data points resulting in fluid data normalization and predictive insights, driving value for Universities and prospective applicants.


Building a winning team

Some of our key members on board already include Chief Technology Officer, Engineering Director, Data Scientists, Analytics Product Manager, Commercial, Finance Leadership & Academic Advisory.



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