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Rice University

Rice University

+1 713-348-0000

Lovett Hall 6100 Main St Houston, TX USA 77005

Founded in 1912, Rice University is a private university located in Houston, Texas. The university’s schools are highly regarded nationwide, but it is most well known for its programs in science, health, and technology. Notable alumni have gone on to become politicians, Nobel Prize winners, and astronauts.

Ranking 17 in the nation, Rice University’s acceptance rate is 11%, with 91% of students graduating. The annual tuition rate is $52,070, plus fees, but numerous grants and scholarships provide 58% of students financial aid. Compared to many other top 20 universities, Rice is rather small, enrolling under 8,000 students in both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The university offers over 50 undergraduate programs and over 40 graduate programs. Rice University follows a semester-based academic calendar.

With a respected research output and a close alignment with nearby NASA, Rice University has established itself as a top university. Houston, the fourth-largest city in America, provides a diverse metropolitan setting, international dining experiences, and top-notch professional opportunities. On campus, Rice students enjoy a close-knit environment, as all students are assigned to one of 11 college communities for the duration of their studies. Each college’s leadership builds camaraderie through intramural sports, dining halls, and mentorship opportunities with designated faculty. Students also participate in the university’s 200 clubs and societies.

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