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Georgetown University

Georgetown University

37th and O Streets N.W. Washington, DC USA 20057

Georgetown University, located in Washington, DC, is one of the oldest universities in the United States. Jesuit missionaries, who first settled the area, founded the university in 1789. Though rooted in the Catholic faith, Georgetown welcomes students of all religious backgrounds. Notable alumni include former President Bill Clinton, former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, and NBA star Patrick Ewing.

With a 17% acceptance rate, Georgetown is one of the most selective schools. The university ranks 22 in the nation. Georgetown’s tuition rate is $59,958 per year, plus fees, and the university provides generous financial aid. More than 7,000 undergraduate and 11,000 postgraduate students call Georgetown home. The university offers over 50 undergraduate degrees and over 70 graduate degrees and programs. Georgetown follows a two-semester academic year.

Keeping with its Jesuit heritage, Georgetown cultivates an active service community. It is committed to social justice, and as a result, its political science and law programs are world renowned. Georgetown students participate in numerous student organizations, clubs, and intercollegiate sports. Due to its location in the nation’s capital, many students find internships and opportunities within the government.

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