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Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University

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The University of Oklahoma (OU) is a public research university located in Norman, Oklahoma. Founded in 1890, OU is known for having one of the most beautiful campuses in the country, and it delivers its large student population a world-class education with a close-knit community feel. Popular and highly ranked programs include Biology, Psychology, Finance, and health sciences. Many of its notable alumni have pursued careers in politics, professional sports, and film and entertainment.

OU’s acceptance rate is 73%. Over 21,000 undergraduates and over 6,000 postgraduate students are enrolled. In-state tuition is $11,962 per year, plus additional fees; its out-of-state tuition is $28,635 per year, plus additional fees. OU offers over 170 undergraduate programs and over 120 postgraduate programs. The university follows a semester-based academic calendar.

With the resources of a major university and the feeling of a close-knit community, OU delivers students an excellent learning environment. When students aren’t studying, they might be participating in one of over 500 clubs and organizations. Fifty-six of these are sororities and fraternities. OU’s Multicultural Programs and Services help create an inclusive, respectful learning and living environment. The university also helps prepare students to become global citizens through its OU Cousins program, which connects students to others from around the world. Students also cheer on their Sooners at many competitive sporting events throughout the year, or they enjoy the proximity to Oklahoma City and its wealth of resources and entertainment.

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