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Gallaudet University

Gallaudet University

800 Florida Ave NE Washington, DC USA 20002

Gallaudet University became federally funded in 1864 thanks to Abraham Lincoln. The first graduating class in 1869 included President Ulysses S. Grant. At the 100th anniversary of the school, Lyndon B. Johnson signed an act which created the Model Secondary school for the deaf. Then, a year later, Richard Nixon signed a charter which led to Gallaudet being designated as a K-PhD school for the deaf. Now, 50% of graduate students at Gallaudet are deaf or hard of hearing. It is the number one source of information for the deaf community. The university teaches in ASL and English.

Students at Gallaudet University represent 100 different countries and all 50 states territories. The student-faculty ratio is eight to one.
The university offers 30 bachelor’s degree programs, five certificate programs, 23 master’s degree programs, one specialist degree program, and eight doctoral programs.

The application fee is $50. Students are required to submit test scores with their application. These are also used to consider students for scholarships. Nine out of every ten undergraduates are provided financial support. 67% of undergraduates leave the school with less debt than other schools. The school is also 58% less expensive than the average university in the U.S. Further, 68% of graduate students receive some tuition assistance. Undergraduate tuition at Gallaudet is $17,712 for all students.

81% of all students participate in an internship when they are enrolled at Gallaudet. The school also has the Gallaudet Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute (GIEI) which provides an opportunity for students aspiring for entrepreneurship to test ideas under the supervision of mentors.

The university also has an Honors Program. Admission to this prestigious program depends on test scores, an interview, determination, and other application materials.

There are more than 24 student organizations on campus in addition to more than 28 intramural sports, fraternities and sororities, and varsity sports teams.

Students at the university have an average GPA of 3.15, an average SAT score of 940, and an average ACT score of 17. The acceptance rate is 63%.

The student body is 5.1% international students, 52.3% minority students, and 55% women. There are a total of 1,004 students.

93% of all graduates are employed within one year of graduation. 78% of graduates from the graduate programs in the university work in fields which assist the deaf community. The graduation rate at Gallaudet is 46%.

Students at Gallaudet have all of the opportunities Washington, D.C. offers at their fingertips. It provides many cultural experiences, great restaurants, entertainment options, and professional experiences.

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