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United States Air Force Academy

United States Air Force Academy

2304 Cadet Drive USAF Academy, CO USA 80840

The United States Air Force Academy was founded in 1954. It is located in USAF Academy, Colorado. The campus has much to offer including the Honor Court, the Cadet Chapel, and the Stanley Canyon and Falcon hiking trails.

Students at the Academy have an average GPA of 3.87, an average SAT score of 1,320, and an average ACT score of 31. 1.3% of the student body are international students, 19.3% are of minority backgrounds, and 29% are women.

The Air Force Academy has a 13.4% acceptance rate and an 82.3% graduation rate. The average first year retention rate is 92%. The academy has a student-faculty ratio of just 8 to 1.

There are 32 majors offered at the Academy. Further, there are 24 research centers. The Cadet Summer Research Program also offers students a chance to explore different opportunities beyond campus. Additionally, there are intellectual education programs which allow students to study abroad for a semester or experience a summer language immersion.

Learning in the Academy is valued at more than $416,000. All students are provided tuition coverage in full. Additionally, students are provided free room and board, free medical insurance, free dental insurance, and more. In return, all students must commit to serving as an officer in the Air and Space Forces. The length of this commitment depends on individual’s chosen career path as well as other factors.

There are many benefits of joining the force. The training is unmatched. Additionally, there are 30 days of paid vacation each year, a housing allowance, and a great retirement package.

There are 4,307 students in the student body. There are more than 90 active student organizations on campus and 75% of all cadets are involved in these organizations. These organizations provide a rich experience for students where they can foster friendships and learn new skills.
The application deadline is December 31st. It is free to apply. Like the other military academies, there are some basic requirements to apply. Students must be a minimum of 17 years old. Further, they must not have passed their 23rd birthday by July 1st of the year they enroll. Additionally, students must be a U.S. citizen, be unmarried, have no dependents, and be of good moral character. Students who score below 580 on the math, or below 620 on the reading and writing portions of the SAT are generally not competitive applicants. Additionally, those who score below 24 on the English/reading portion of the ACT and below 25 on the math/science section of the ACT are typically not competitive.

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