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The United States Military Academy

The United States Military Academy

+1 845-938-4011

606 Thayer Rd West Point, NY USA 10996

The United States Military Academy was founded in 1802. The Academy is located in West Point, New York. The school is incredibly selective with an acceptance rate of just 8.6%. Students come from 14 countries and all 50 states.

West Point played a large role in the American Revolution. It is now the oldest continuously occupied army post in the U.S. “Duty, Honor, Country” is the motto at West Point.

Students have an average GPA of 3.9, an average SAT score of 1,270, and an average ACT score of 28. Applicants are required to submit test scores with their applications.

West Point offers students a fully funded education which is valued at $240,000. All cadets are also provided a small monthly stipend of $200-$525 for personal expenses. Things such as books, medical and dental insurance, and room and board, are all covered by the university.

There are 36 majors, 28 research centers, 15 minors, and 13 academic departments at West Point. At West Point, every cadet is an athlete. There are 28 intercollegiate NCAA teams, 16 competitive club teams, 11 sports for intramural athletics, and so much more.

1.2% of the student body are international students, 35.9% are of minority backgrounds, and 23% are women. The student-faculty ratio is just 7 to 1. There is an 85.2% graduation rate and an average first year retention rate of 97%. The total undergraduate population is 4,594.

Students often participate in academic internships over the summer. Students have earned positions at Disney, Mercedes Benz, S&P Global, Johnson & Johnson, Chipotle, and the Bank of New York.

The application deadline is January 31st. There are some basic requirements for applicants in addition to the standard components of a college application such as test scores and transcripts. Students must pass a medical examination and a fitness assessment. Additionally, applicants must have a nomination (congressional or service-oriented), an official school evaluation, and pass an interview. All applicants must be at least 17 years old, but not older than 23 by July 1st of their starting year. Further, students must be a U.S. citizen, not be married, not be pregnant, and not be legally responsible for child support.

Incredibly, all cadets are guaranteed employment after graduation. The compensation package starts at $70,000 and will increase with each promotion. The employment package also includes healthcare, a retirement package, a non-taxable housing allowance, and 30 days of paid vacation.

Graduates may enter one of many diverse fields such as logistics, engineering, health care management, human resource management, aviation, and more. Officers lead teams of 30 to 35 soldiers in their first career assignment.

After their time in the army, those who have gone through the military are ideally suited for many managerial positions at companies like Microsoft, Google, JP Morgan, and more.

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