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Morehouse College

Morehouse College

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830 Westview Dr SW Atlanta, GA USA 30314

Morehouse College was founded in 1867. It is a boys-only HBCU and the only four-year institution of its kind in the country. The university started as a place for former slaves to be trained to become educators and Protestant ministers. Now, it is a thriving university where students can study whatever they desire.

72.4% of the student body are minority students. Students represent 14 countries and 40 states across the U.S. Just 0.7% of the student body are international students. Outside of the classroom, students can engage with cultural organizations and plenty of other student groups such as artistic and academic organizations.

The school is located in Atlanta, Georgia and has an acceptance rate of 77.1% and a graduation rate of 55.5%. The location provides a wealth of resources for students. Morehouse is a part of the Atlanta University Center which is the largest consortium of Black colleges in the world. Also, it is just minutes from Atlanta which provides a diverse and rich community with plenty to see and explore.

Morehouse is a private institution. The student body is 2,554 strong. Students at Morehouse have an average GPA of 3.2, an average SAT score of 1,058, and an average ACT score of 21. The school also has an honors program for those of outstanding intellect and incredible motivation.

The average first year retention rate is 83% and the graduation rate is 55.5%. 51.2% of freshman are either 18 or 19 years old. The student-faculty ratio at Morehouse is 12 to 1.

There are 33 majors for students to choose from. Some of the most popular majors are business, sociology, and biology (in that order). Additionally, there are six graduate programs offered. For those who are interested in studying abroad, there are many one week to four-week program options. Additionally, there are options for a full semester of study internationally. Students may study in South America, Europe, Central America, Asia, or Africa.

Tuition at Morehouse is $29,468. There are scholarship opportunities for all students. Additionally, there are scholarships for students in specific fields. Each scholarship has a unique deadline and students are encouraged to stay diligent throughout the school year. Additionally, the school participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program.

The early action deadline at Morehouse is November 1st. For regular decision applicants, the deadline is February 1st. The application fee is $50. Three recommendation letters are required.

90% of students are employed within six months of graduation. Morehouse grads have had an impressive history post-graduation. Four out of the twelve HBCU graduates who ended up working in the White House with Obama were men from Morehouse. The school currently ranks number four across all HBCUs in the country.

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