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University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

2500 Campus Rd Honolulu, HI USA 96822

The University of Hawaii at Manoa was founded in 1907 and is a public university ranked 162 nationally.

It follows a semester-based academic calendar and enrolled 13,203 undergraduate and 4,724 graduate students in the 2021/22 school year.

6.4% of students are international, hailing from 128 different countries. 67.4% of enrolled students are minorities, and nearly 60% are women. All 50 states are represented in the student body.

The acceptance rate is 83.7%, with the application fee standing at $70. Submitting test scores is optional for all prospective students.

The average high school GPA for incoming students is 3.74, while test scores average 24 for the ACT and 1178 for the ACT. The university boasts a 10:1 student/teacher ratio.

For residents of Hawaii, yearly tuition is $12,186, while out-of-state students pay $34,218. Numerous need and merit-based scholarships are available to all students. Many scholarships are based upon students’ majors, preference for location, etc.

The most popular majors for students at the University of Hawaii are business (21%), biomedical sciences (8%), and social sciences (8%).

The retention rate for first-year students is 81.1%, while the graduation rate is 58.5%.

The University of Hawaii at Manoa offers 102 graduate programs, and many graduate certificates are available.

The university aids students in gaining internships and hands-on experiences. Requirements for entering an internship program are to have a declared major, be in good academic standing, and have at least two semesters at the university remaining.

Graduated students report a 90% employment rate six years after graduation, with an average salary of $49,300 ten years after graduation.

The university offers many extracurricular activities, including intramural sports, media publications, and study abroad programs.

Located in Honolulu, students get to experience the culture of Hawaii with 270 sunny days a year, beautiful beaches, unique scenery, and a diverse population.

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