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Michael E. Moritz College of Law

Michael E. Moritz College of Law

+1 614-292-2631

55 West 12th Avenue Drinko Hall Columbus, OH 43210-1391

Ohio State’s Michael E. Moritz College of Law is located in Columbus, Ohio, and was founded in 1891. It is a public institution that offers a three-year law program. It received 1,913 applications, accepting 614, and enrolling 179 for fall of 2021. The school has an acceptance rate of 32.1%. The median LSAT score amongst students is 163, with a range of 160 to 165. The median GPA is 3.79 with a range of 3.6 to 3.9.

The Michael E. Moritz College of Law has a very diverse student population, coming from 23 states. Half of students are women, and nearly a quarter come from minority backgrounds. 19% consider themselves LGBTQ+, and 15% are first-generation college students. The average age is 23.

Tuition for residents of Ohio is $32,685, and $47,937 for those residing outside of the state. Every student is considered for a scholarship. Scholarships are given out on merit, need, and diversity basis. The application fee is $60, and two letters of recommendation are required for admission. There are 25 available concentrations in a variety of different fields, such as Sports Law, Real Estate Law, and Election Law. Ohio State also offers four joint degree programs: MBA, MD, MPH, and MPP. The university provides individualized career counseling, one-on-one time with faculty, and innovative classes.

Graduates have an average salary of $88,141, and 98.88% are employed ten months after graduation. 94.94% pass the bar within two years of graduation. In sheer numbers, 47 students from the class of 2021 work in firms of 250 and below, while 40 work in those larger than 250. 16 have clerkship positions, 23 work in business and industry, 23 in government, 11 in public interest, and 1 in academia. 8.7% of graduates work in fields where holding a JD is an advantage.

Located in Ohio’s state capital, students can work and interact with the more than 500 firms that operate in the Columbus area. Not only does Ohio State have many student clubs and organizations such as the Law and Leadership program, but the city of Columbus has numerous museums, restaurants, and shopping available for anyone interested.

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Private Tuition

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Out-of-State Tuition


Length of Program
3 Years

Average salary post graduation

Number of applicants

Acceptance number

Enrollment Number

Acceptance Rate

Employed 10 months post graduation:

    • First Generation Students: 15
    • International students: -
    • Average age(years): 23
    • Minority students: 23%
    • Women: 50%
    • Veterans: -
    • LGBTQ: 19%
    • Graduates that passed the bar exam within 2 years: 94.94%
    • Number of graduates employed by law firms (by size) 250 and less: 47
    • Number of graduates employed by law firms (by size) 251 and above: 40
    • Median salary of graduate: -

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