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Notre Dame Law School

Notre Dame Law School

+1 574-631-6627

Notre Dame Law School 1100 Eck Hall of Law Notre Dame, IN 46556

The University of Notre Dame Law School is a private law school founded in 1869 in Notre Dame, Indiana. The school is the oldest Catholic law school in the country and their approach to education is highly informed by faith. They believe that law is more than a profession. It is a way to serve others and work toward a more moral world.

Students at Notre Dame have a median LSAT score of 167 (ranging from 161 to 168) and a median GPA of 3.75 (ranging from 3.34 to 3.88). 41% of students enroll directly from undergrad and 34% have been out of college between one and three years.

Notre Dame Law School has an acceptance rate of 20.28%. To enter the program in fall of 2021, there were 2,811 applicants, 570 students were accepted, and 146 students enrolled as first-year JD students. 33% of the student body are minorities and 49% are women. Students are between 20 to 25 years old.

Applicants may be asked for an interview as a part of the application process however the school does not accept requests for interviews due to the number of applications they receive. Prospective students may submit LSAT or GRE scores and between two and four letters of recommendation.

There are eight concentrations at Notre Dame Law School including Business Law, Criminal Law, Energy & Environmental Law, Global Law, Intellectual Property & Technology Law, Law, Ethics & Public Policy, Real Estate Law, and Public Law. Additionally, students may choose to complete a dual degree and earn an MBA, MA, MS, or PhD concurrently.

Students also have the option to study abroad at the school’s campus in London. There are also study abroad programs in Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, China, and Chile. Additionally, students can find internships and externships off-campus which extend the learning experience from the South Bend area. There are also many clinic opportunities where students are able to work on real cases with faculty members. There are more than 30 student organizations on campus which further enrich the student experience.

Notre Dame Law School is “educating a different kind of lawyer.” They work to ensure that all of their students are able to develop close relationships with faculty members and feel as though they are a part of a tight-knit community. The campus is centralized, and everything a student could need is within walking distance. Additionally, a low cost of living and a high quality of life are huge appeals for the city.

Tuition at the University of Notre Dame Law School is $65,436. All students are automatically considered for merit scholarships based on academic skills, leadership skills, professional accomplishments, community service, and other achievements. The Yellow Ribbon program is also available.

Most graduates end up working in Illinois, Indiana, or New York. 96.2% of students have found employment within ten months of graduation and 97.37% pass the bar exam within two years of graduation. Graduates from Notre Dame earn an average salary of $100,540.

36 students from the class of 2021 are employed in small law firms (250 or less) and 69 are employed in large law firms (251 or more). 151 work in a position where passing the bar is required and 9 are employed in a position where holding a JD is an advantage. 19 hold clerkship placements (15 at the federal level, 3 at the state, local, or territorial level, and 1 internationally). 10 are employed in business or industry, 23 are employed in government, 7 are employed in public interest, and 1 is employed in academia.

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3 Years

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Employed 10 months post graduation:

    • First Generation Students: -
    • International students: -
    • Average age(years): -
    • Minority students: 33%
    • Women: 49%
    • Veterans: -
    • LGBTQ: -
    • Graduates that passed the bar exam within 2 years: 97.37%
    • Number of graduates employed by law firms (by size) 250 and less: 36
    • Number of graduates employed by law firms (by size) 251 and above: 69
    • Median salary of graduate: -

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