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Emory University School of Law

Emory University School of Law

1301 Clifton Rd. NE Atlanta, GA 30322

Emory University School of Law was founded in 1916 in Atlanta, Georgia. Emory is a private university with an acceptance rate of 27.31%. To enter the program in fall of 2021 there were 5,254 applications, 1,435 students were accepted, and 304 new students enrolled. Students at Emory have a median LSAT score of 167 and a median GPA of 3.8. 43% of students are minorities and 52.5% are women. Prospective students must submit their LSAT score as a part of their application.

Tuition at Emory School of Law is $61,750. There are many merit scholarship opportunities provide by the school. Additionally, there are a limited number of Yellow Ribbon awards which are provided first come, first serve.

For students interested in a dual degree, there are joint program options for bioethics, business administration, public health, philosophy, and more.

Emory School of Law has four concentrations. These are Business Law and Regulation, Data, Privacy and Technology Law, Employment Law, and Human Resources.

After the first year, students are able to hand select most of their courses. Just three courses are required for all students in the second and third year. This provides students a high degree of freedom to tailor their degree. Additionally, a 7.3 to 1 student/faculty ratio allows for a great deal of personalized attention and opportunities for collaboration.

There are 20 practice societies on campus composed of alumni, student leaders, faculty, and career strategy advisors. These societies bring in 100 guest speakers each year, allowing students to network while completing their JD and participate in professional development.

With over 40 student organizations on campus, there are plenty of ways to get involved outside of the classroom. Additionally, Atlanta has a fantastic arts scene, beautiful foliage, and fantastic food. Home to many Fortune 500 companies, there are also plenty of business opportunities.

Most graduates work in Georgia, New York, or Florida. 96.08% of students find employment within ten months of graduation. Graduates from Emory earn an average salary of $105,000.

Of those who take the bar exam, 81.05% pass the exam within two years of graduation. 74 students from the class of 2021 are employed in small law firms (250 or less) and 98 are employed in large law firms (251 or more). 248 are employed in a position where passing the bar is required, and 29 are employed in a position where holding a JD is an advantage. 25 students hold clerkship placements (14 at the federal level and 11 at the state, local, or territorial level). 13 are employed in business or industry, 24 are employed in government, 18 are employed in public interest, and 2 are employed in academia.

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3 Years

Average salary post graduation

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Employed 10 months post graduation:

    • First Generation Students: -
    • International students: -
    • Average age(years): -
    • Minority students: 43%
    • Women: 52.5%
    • Veterans: -
    • LGBTQ: -
    • Graduates that passed the bar exam within 2 years: 81.05%
    • Number of graduates employed by law firms (by size) 250 and less: 74
    • Number of graduates employed by law firms (by size) 251 and above: 98
    • Median salary of graduate: -

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