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NYU School of Law

NYU School of Law

+1 212-998-6100

New York University School of Law 40 Washington Sq. South New York , NY 10012

NYU School of Law was founded in 1835 in New York, New York. 41% of the student population are minorities and 57% are women. 13% have already earned another graduate degree and 79% have been out of college for at least one year. Students are 24 years of age, on average, and represent 112 undergraduate institutions and 39 states as well as Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C.

NYU School of Law is a private law school with an acceptance rate of 14.52%. For the class entering the program in fall of 2021, there were 10,713 applications, 1,556 students were accepted, and 458 individuals ultimately enrolled. Admitted students have a median combined GRE score of 329, a median LSAT score of 172, and a median GPA of 3.86.

Students may submit the LSAT or GRE for consideration in their application. There are no interviews included as a part of the admissions process.

There are 16 concentrations to choose from at NYU School of Law including Labor & Employment, Law and Security, Regulation & Public Policy, Cities & Land Use, Corporate & Commercial, Human Rights, and more. The school has particular strengths in history, social theory, politics, economics, and law and philosophy and the program’s approach is very interdisciplinary in nature. Additionally, for those with disparate interests, there are dual degree options such as a JD/LLM in International Law, JD/PhD in Economics, JD/MPA, and JD/MSW.

While enrolled, students have the opportunity to take part in more than 40 clinics and externship experiences, providing them firsthand experience in the field. Students are required to complete six credits in experiential learning courses prior to graduation.

98.07% of students are employed within ten months of graduation and earn an average salary of $169,206. Most graduates are employed in the Mid-Atlantic region (NJ, PA, NY), the South Atlantic region (DC, Fl, GA), or the Pacific region (AK, CA, WA).

Tuition at NYU is $73,216 and there are plenty of scholarship opportunities available for both first year students and those further along in the program. Additionally, there are GI Bill benefits available for military students.

98.89% of those who take the bar exam, pass within two years of their graduation from NYU. 25 students from the class of 2021 are employed in small law firms (250 or less) and 298 are employed in large law firms (251 or more). 442 graduates are employed in a career where bar passage is required and 15 are employed in a field where having a JD is an advantage. 5.47% of students also participate in a clerkship.

There are more than 80 student groups to occupy one’s time outside of the classroom and New York itself has plenty to offer aspiring lawyers.

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3 Years

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Employed 10 months post graduation:

    • First Generation Students: -
    • International students: -
    • Average age(years): -
    • Minority students: 41%
    • Women: 57%
    • Veterans: -
    • LGBTQ: -
    • Graduates that passed the bar exam within 2 years: 98.89%
    • Number of graduates employed by law firms (by size) 250 and less: 25
    • Number of graduates employed by law firms (by size) 251 and above: 298
    • Median salary of graduate: -

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