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Harvard Law School

Harvard Law School

2nd Floor Austin Hall Cambridge, MA 2138

Harvard Law School is a private institution with an acceptance rate of 7%. For the incoming fall 2021 class, there were 9,993 applications, 685 acceptances, and 560 newly enrolled students. Accepted students had a median combined GRE score of 332, a median LSAT of 174, and a median GPA of 3.92.

Harvard Law School was founded in 1817 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is home to a diverse student population. 11% are international students, 56% are racial or ethnic minorities, 54% are women, and 17% identify as a part of the LGBTQ+ community. 45 languages are spoken among the student population.

82% of students have been out of college for at least one year, and 19% have been out of college four or more years. Further, 11% already hold a graduate degree. Students at Harvard Law represent 171 undergraduate institutions, 18 countries, and 52 states and territories.

Tuition at Harvard Law School is $71,734 but this cost includes a mandatory health fee. Additionally, there are many internal and external scholarship options to help students finance their degree.

There are seven concentrations at Harvard including Criminal Law and Policy, International and Comparative Law, Law and Business, Law and Government, Law and History, Law and Social Change, and Law, Science, and Technology. There are a remarkable 400 law courses and seminars offered that cover a wide range of topics. Over 50% of these courses have a class size of fewer than 25. The student/faculty ratio is 7 to 1. Further, 75 specialized seminars allow students close interaction with faculty and exquisite opportunities to collaborate.

As a part of the law curriculum, students must complete at least 50 hours of pro bono work prior to graduation. However, most students at Harvard complete many more hours than are required. The average student completes over 500 hours of pro bono work during their time in the JD program.

Graduates from Harvard Law earn an average salary of $152,710. 98.26% are employed within ten months of their graduation and 99.29% pass the bar exam within two years. Most graduates are employed in New York, Washington, D.C., or California. 22 students from the class of 2021 are employed in small law firms (250 or less) and 323 are employed in large law firms (251 or larger). 510 are employed in a career where bar passage is required and 13 are employed in a position where a JD is an advantage.

An impressive one quarter of all Supreme Court clerks in the previous five years have been Harvard Law School graduates. For the class of 2021, 85 federal clerkships were obtained as well as 18 state, local, or territorial clerkships. Every year, over 260 students serve as law clerks in either federal or state courts. In the last ten years, over 525 graduates have been offered a public interest fellowship following graduation or a clerkship position. More than 450 graduates are now CEOs.

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3 Years

Average salary post graduation

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Employed 10 months post graduation:

    • First Generation Students: -
    • International students: 11%
    • Average age(years): -
    • Minority students: 56%
    • Women: 54%
    • Veterans: -
    • LGBTQ: 17%
    • Graduates that passed the bar exam within 2 years: 99.29%
    • Number of graduates employed by law firms (by size) 250 and less: 22
    • Number of graduates employed by law firms (by size) 251 and above: 323
    • Median salary of graduate: -

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